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Lead to customer rate represented by a line of dandelions changing colour

Your detailed guide to your Lead to Customer Rate

Generating significant numbers of new qualified leads is something upon which every marketer is focused. But are you really driving growth in sales pipeline and revenues if these leads are not being converted into new customers? Find out why your Lead to Customer Rate is so important, how to calculate it, how to interpret the results

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The SaaS metric Lead Velocity Rate represented by a colourful spiral stretching out into a night time desert scene

How To Use Lead Velocity Rate (LVR) To Drive Pipeline Growth

What does the SaaS metric “Lead Velocity Rate (LVR)” mean? The Lead Velocity Rate (LVR) tells you whether or not you are increasing the rate at which you generate qualified leads. Bear in mind that this is very different from your Sales Velocity Rate (the speed with which you convert a lead into a paying customer)

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