Time spent on marketing team development is time invested in driving measurable results

Marketing Team Development

Modern marketing requires an extensive range of talents, skills and knowledge. To maximise your operational budget and still optimise your marketing results, you will need to decide which marketing roles you need to have in place and which of those you will bring in house, outsource, or contract in as needed.

Which can make it a challenge to define the right marketing team structure for your business.

Whether you are starting from nothing, or have an existing team that you want to develop, together we can build a best-in-class marketing department that drives measurable results and grows your customer base and sales.

Marketing team development methodology

The process starts with your marketing strategy and your promotion and campaign plans. That helps to define what roles need to be in place, which skills are needed in-house and which roles can be outsourced or contracted in.

If you have an existing team, together we’ll undertake a thoughtful review of their ability to deliver your marketing goals. Informed by employee and management team interviews we’ll understand goals and ambitions, and current levels of satisfaction with work and performance. We’ll also look at skills that are available within the team and identify any skill or competency gaps.

That allows us to create a team structure with clearly defined roles, responsibilities and objectives and a plan to put it in place.

You may well find that your more junior or midweight marketing managers lack the experience or skills to deliver some or all of your plan. Sometimes, even senior marketing managers and directors need to have someone to work through issues, strategies and plans with. Here I can help them by identifying training courses or by mentoring them as part of my fractional (part-time) CMO service.

group of people in a marketing team development session
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Marketing team development deliverables

Since each business and marketing team is unique the deliverables will depend on the project brief. However the following are some examples:

  • If you have briefed me to produce a team structure I will provide a plan that identifies a hierarchy of roles together with their responsibilities and the skills needed in each role. This will also include an estimate of the number of hours required from each role per week and a recommendation as to how best to resource the role (inhouse, freelance or agency).

  • The output of any workshops and interviews with team members will be captured in team member profiles that identify their current role and responsibilities, their goals and ambitions, work satisfaction and self-assessment of their skill levels and performance as well as management and peer feedback. Recommendations for training, support and role changes will be included in these.

  • If you are creating a new team, or we identify that you need to bring people into the business, we can ease the recruitment process by creating job descriptions and advertisements, benchmarking salaries so you know how much to pay, reviewing CVs, and shortlisting and interviewing candidates to uncover their marketing skills, experience and ambitions.

  • We can also work together to select, brief and target the best agencies to work with you regularly in the long-term and identify those that you can contract on an as needed basis such as copywriters, graphic designers or video producers.

My 5-point Client Satisfaction Promise

  1. Your marketing team development will be handled sensitively and in accordance with the law and established best practices. 
  2. The work plan will comprise a number of milestones that will be clearly identified so that you can regularly evaluate the progress of the project. The output of each project, together with supporting documents will be made available at the end of each milestone and presented in a workshop if appropriate.
  3. Your investment and your payment schedule will be clear. If I can save you money by using what you already have, I won’t reinvent the wheel.
  4. We’ll discuss, agree on and document the objectives of the project. If I need you to pull together data or documents I’ll ask you before the relevant step begins.
  5. Sometimes the unexpected happens. If something extra is requested or required I’ll ensure you’re fully informed about the implications before you commit.

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