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My background (over 30-years and counting) and focus is on B2B and B2B2C technology companies – primarily hardware, software, services and SaaS

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Fractional CMO for

Small-to-medium enterprises

If your company is turning over more than £3m your business will probably be entering a period of consistent, directed growth; be resourced enough to take advantage of the strategic initiatives that we will be working on and be able to invest in the tactical executions that will be needed. At this level you should be considering:

Brand & marketing strategy
Go-to-market campaigns
Campaign design & management
Marketing team structure
Sales strategy & team development
CRM & marketing automation systems
Fractional CMO services

As we work to grow your company you may need to consider:

Brand & marketing audit as an aid to annual marketing and sales planning or when looking at acquisitions
Sales & marketing alignment especially as your sales team grows or you open new sales channels

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Fractional CMO for

Funded start-ups

If you have just won your series A or mezzanine funding and have begun to define your solution or service you will probably find that your VC is looking to see evidence that you have the ability to deliver what you have promised in the form of:

  • A comprehensive marketing strategy that is being executed
  • Progress towards product/market fit
  • Early sales being won

To make this happen you should be focused on:
Brand & marketing strategy
Go-to-market campaigns
Campaign design & management
CRM & marketing automation systems
Fractional CMO services to help with the execution of your promotion plan and possibly the recruitment of your first marketing team member

Fractional CMO for

Seed funded companies

If you have raised seed-funding you will probably be focused on product or service development, winning customers for your MVP and planning your next round of funding.

VCs will want to see that you have a viable target market and a plan to succeed in it and a way to get quickly to product/market fit.

You should be looking closely at:

Brand & marketing strategy with a view to producing evidence that there is a market in which you can succeed and Go-to-market planning especially with a view to proving your MVP and and developing a plan to establish product/market fit

If you are pre-funding it is unlikely that you will have the resources needed to take advantage of either my retained or fractional CMO services. However, we may be able to work together on a guided coaching basis.

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