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Marketing campaigns

Digital marketing. Print. Trade shows. Webinars. PR. Advertising. eMail campaigns. SEO. Websites. Content marketing. Social media. With so many agencies and freelancers promoting their approach as the only one that you need, how do you know which one to choose?

The answer is: there is no one marketing tactic or channel that produces effective marketing campaigns. You need consistency, multichannel and multitouch.

The most effective campaigns are the ones that

  • Run over a period of time, with a consistent set of targeted messages across
  • all of the communications channels that your target customers use
  • so that you build brand awareness and give customers multiple opportunities to engage with your business

Working together we will create marketing campaigns that blend together the right channels and tactics to engage customers, generate opportunities for your sales teams and ensure long-term sustainable growth for your company.

Marketing campaign options

Get your new product or service to the market with maximum impact and start to generate leads for your sales team. Or take your existing products to new markets.

Long-term investment in brand building has been proven time and again to be essential to the long-term growth of a company. Well balanced promotion plans blend together sales activation, lead generation and brand building activities.

Generate a consistent stream of top-of-the funnel leads that your marketing team can nurture until the customers are ready to engage with sales.

Not every prospective customer is ready to buy. Lead nurturing campaigns keep leads warm by educating them, maintaining awareness and increasing the perception of the need for a solution to a problem.

Sales activation campaigns act on customers who are in the lower parts of your marketing and sales funnel. They will work with your sales process to support your sales team in helping engaged prospects as they move through their buying process.

Working with your account managers and customer success and support departments we will create campaigns that reinforce the reasons why customers bought from you in the first place, encourage more extensive adoption of your product or service in their organisation and increase the uptake of current and new features.

For companies in the enterprise sector selling complex solutions with multiple contacts involved in a lengthy buying process an account-based marketing approach works well. This requires very close marketing and sales alignment in order to produce marketing and sales campaigns that are designed specifically for each target account

Marketing campaigns methodology

The process either starts with your marketing strategy and promotions plan or with a workshop where we map out the objectives of the campaign, the KPIs, the problems we are trying to solve for your customer and the messages we need to get across. We’ll also look at the key communications channels that we will employ, the tactics that we will use and the budget that is required to make the campaign a success.

We will then work with you to develop a budget that takes into account your objectives, funding and planned return. This will be documented so that you can see investment across brand, lead generation, nurturing and activation activities as appropriate.

Since the best campaigns are multi-channel, multi-touch and span a number of months we’ll work out a campaign plan and calendar and prepare a set of briefs for each agency or freelancer that is involved in the campaign. If you have your own agency and freelance roster you can use these to brief the agencies or we’ll identify well qualified agencies and freelancers from my roster of contacts.

From there we will work together to evaluate the creative briefs produced by each agency and to evaluate and approve their creative work.

If you don’t have in-house marketing or they are blocked up on other projects, I can help you with the management of the campaign by bringing in a marketing campaign manager to coordinate the activities.

Marketing campaigns deliverables

  • Your marketing campaign plan will include a schedule of review points during which we can look at its progress and make any changes to channels, messages or scheduling that are needed to optimise it.
  • A schedule of campaign activities showing target, message, channels, tactics and objectives
  • Creative briefs for each agency and freelancer involved in the campaign
  • Budget showing spend per channel and tactic with agency summaries.
  • A process for handling leads and reporting on their success.

My 5-point Client Satisfaction Promise

  1. Your marketing campaign plan will be customised to your business and its unique challenges.
  2. Your investment and your payment schedule will be clear. If I can save you money by using what you already have, I won’t reinvent the wheel.
  3. We’ll discuss, agree on and document each step in the process. If I need you to pull together data or documents I’ll ask you before the relevant step begins.
  4. The work plan will comprise a number of milestones that will be clearly identified. Documentation and workshops will happen at the end of each milestone so that you can regularly evaluate the progress of the project.
  5. Sometimes the unexpected happens. If something extra is requested or required I’ll ensure you’re fully informed about the implications before you commit.

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